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The Trusted Digital Identity Platform

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Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform solves for security, privacy, and customer experience.
With no tradeoffs.

The internet was created with no identity layer, which has left companies and individuals vulnerable to relentless bad actors. We’ve solved that as an entire system, from the network up.

Ultra-secure identity | Privacy-preserving | Seamless and elegant customer experience

Journey has deployed and embedded our Trusted Identity Platform with strategic customers and partners around the globe. Get in touch, and we will keep you in the loop on more news in coming weeks.
Mark calling his bank

Because Mark has the bank’s app, his onboard biometrics, carrier meta-data, and Mark’s personalized information from the app instantaneously trigger a personalized experience with the agent at his bank.

Call your bank phone screen headshot of mark
At home agent screen
Login Notification Screen

Because Mark has the bank’s app, when he calls the generic 1-800# he receives an automated notification to log in, giving Mark an individually encrypted & ultra secure connection to Mary.

Mark authenticates himself on the call through device-based biometrics, and if needed Mary can request a step-up authentication ranging from an additional facial match and liveness check all the way to a realtime KYC verification. All from Mark’s phone, and all without Mary seeing any information other than the result. That’s the power of our Zero Knowledge Identity Network.

Journey's Secure Biometrics
Secure agent verification screen

Mary and Mark are mutually authenticated in seconds. This confirmation of verified identity is the root of a secure and private customer experience.

Journey's Mutual Verified Call Screen
Work from home bank agent screen
Secure Work From Home Agent

Mary never sees Mark’s confidential information, only that he is verified. This zero knowledge verification keeps his information ultra-secure and private, and the bank reduces risk, cost, and is in compliance with all privacy, security, and banking laws.

Phone Screen ENter Social
Secure agent dashboard screen
Secure Connection Illustration

Not only are identity verification point solutions annoying and time-consuming, they are also easy for bad actors to circumvent. Anything that you have or know can be stolen.

Journey’s zero knowledge authentication obliterates the need for irritating questions about favorite pizza toppings and invokes much more secure proof of an individual’s identity, in mere seconds. The secure connection is just the start of the interaction, and Journey provides an award winning user experience for the secure and privacy preserving collection and verification of customer information going forward.

Secure Connection Illustration

Privacy Preserving

Journey provides total individual privacy, because the end-user remains in control of their information at all times.

Secure Connection Illustration

Secure Data

Journey individually encrypts information and delivers it over a zero knowledge network, so no private information is shared, and bad actors can’t access it.

Secure Connection Illustration

Award Winning User Experience

Identity point solutions can take up to two minutes and are often frustrating to end-users. Journey’s in-app solution makes authentication a breeze.

Secure Connection Illustration

Trusted Identity

Authenticating digital identity is essential for the entire customer journey, from onboarding, to KYC-compliant authentication, to secure financial transactions and document signing.

Man at Desk

Journey’s solution is extremely flexible and can be deployed in dozens of use cases that help businesses quickly authenticate their customers in a wide variety of interactions – on the phone, in person, online, and throughout the customer lifecycle. From new account creation to ongoing interactions with customers, businesses provide a great experience for your customers, earn their trust and loyalty, reduce your own risk and simplify your operations. No matter how your business decides to implement Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform, you can realize the following benefits:

Man at Desk

Improved Customer Experience

Verify Identity and authenticate your customers in seconds, rather than minutes, and provide instant rapport with mutual authentication. Now more than ever, customers value businesses who value their security, privacy and time. And they will reward you with their business

Man at Desk

>90% Fraud Reduction

Journey’s Zero Knowledge network individually encrypts data, and no one, including Journey, has the ability to see any sensitive information. Now that many agents and employees are working from home, the attack surface for fraudsters is bigger than ever, but protecting and shielding personal information makes attacking your customers nearly impossible.

Man at Desk

Customer Privacy Preservation

Your customers deserve to have their privacy protected, and now more than ever, government agencies are getting involved to mandate it. Journey’s solution protects all customer data by keeping it with the customer and simply verifying it and providing a certificate to the agent. Journey’s solution enables compliance with all privacy laws - current and future.

Man at Desk

Ultra Secure

Journey passes the test for ultra-secure or military-grade security by leveraging zero knowledge attestations of sensitive information and individual encryption. Enterprises can invoke security solutions on top of biometrics and device security, such as document verification, behavioral and voice biometrics, and more to reach veracity of 1:billion.

Man at Desk

ROI and Operational Cost Reduction

Better customer experiences mean improved NPS, lower call abandon rates, faster resolution, and a more positive interaction with your customer. Journey’s solution is a single authentication solution across all channels and reduces call handle time with faster authentication and retained trusted identity across transfers. You can also deploy flexible agent solutions, like outsourcing and work at home agents, while still complying with all security and privacy laws. And that’s just the beginning.

Man at Desk

Future-Proofed Compliance

Our leadership team has spent extensive time with regulatory agencies to ensure that our solution meets or exceeds all current and future regulatory requirements. One identity solution to protect them all.

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