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Work From Home

In the US alone, over one million agents have been working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Given the dense nature of contact center environments, the trend for agents working from home could persist for a long time.

The problem is, sending agents home creates serious concerns with security, because it makes the attack surface exponentially bigger and contact center leaders lose their ability to rely on physical security measures of hardened contact centers.

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Old Paradigm of Security, CX, and Privacy

There are dozens of technology solutions that secure part of an agent/customer interaction, such as DTMF masking, voice biometrics, KBA authentication, and the list goes on and on. Even if a point solution is great at solving the problem it purports to solve, they leave gaping holes in either security or they create problematic customer friction.

This zero-sum game of tradeoffs between security, customer experience and privacy are unacceptable in today’s world. Security is a must-have, especially in regulated industries. Customer experience is essential. Privacy is now mandated by law in many places. A tradeoff between these elements is simply unacceptable.

And yet, that is what almost every business on the planet is trying to balance. But that is all about to change.

Journey’s solution provides a seamless customer experience, enabling customers to authenticate and complete many transactions, including ID verification, payment processing, document signing, and more directly on their smartphones using the enterprise’s existing app in a matter of seconds.

Journey individually encrypts the information from the customer’s smartphone, verifies it using the business’ back office or 3rd party application, and delivers a simple pass/fail attestation to the agent’s screen.

Much of the information on a traditional agent screen shows more sensitive data than the agent really needs. This creates significant security risks, especially for agents working from their kitchen table.

But it doesn’t need to be that way, does it? This is where Journey’s Zero Knowledge solution is a game-changer.

The agent sees only that a particular piece of information passes or fails, and the solution can be configured to show whatever data the agent needs to have a comfortable conversation with the customer, such as a first name, the types of products that customer has bought in the past, or anything else that might be useful.

Because no personal data never actually travels to, or is seen by, an agent or the contact center infrastructure, the customer’s data and privacy is highly protected and the enterprise saves millions on fraud prevention, regulatory compliance and time previously wasted on establishing identity in old antiquated ways that weren’t all that secure to begin with and irritated customers and agents alike.

By leveraging the capabilities and sensors built into smartphones, Journey’s allows customers to securely and privately enter information in seconds.

They can take a photo of their driver’s license or credit card, avoiding the need to type or read aloud sensitive information. They can authenticate with a simple fingerprint or selfie. They can be transferred to another agent without having to re-authenticate. The time required to get down to business is collapsed.

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